Pricing 2024

Photography Session Fee €200

The photography session fee includes personalized photoshoot planning, a leisurely photoshoot, allowing ample time to capture each moment with care and precision, as well as selection of photos from an online gallery. After the photoshoot, you can choose the number of photos you want according to the price list below. The photography fee is paid at the time of booking. The photography fee does not include the finished photos, nor is it deducted from the price of the finished photos.

Additional Services


MINI - 5 huolellisesti viimeisteltyä digikuvaa 250 €

CLASSIC - 10 huolellisesti viimeisteltyä digikuvaa ja 1 Fine Art -kuva 390 €

STORY - koko digikuvagalleria kevyesti viimeisteltynä 450 €

Legacy Photo Packages

When you want to ensure that your beloved photos last, choose high-quality photo products, as digital images will be lost over the years.

Small Photo Package €490
Suosituin kuvapaketti 790 €
Iso kuvapaketti 1090 €

Fine Art Matted or Framed Prints

Matting and framing bring your portraits to life and preserve them for decades! The photos are printed on top-quality
Hahnemühle Fine Art photo art paper to last from generation to generation.
The acid-free and plastic-free museum-quality paper provides superior durability and visual quality for both color and black-and-white images. The photo can also be framed with Finnish wooden frames that protect and finish the image.

10 x 15 cm (photo size 6 x 9)
Fine Art photo €35 | Framed €70

15 x 20 cm (photo size 10 x 15 cm)
Fine Art photo €45 | Framed €85

18 x 24 cm (photo size 10 x 15)
Fine Art photo €55 | Framed €100

20 x 25 cm (photo size 13 x 18)
Fine Art photo €65 | Framed €120

30 x 40 cm (photo size 20 x 30)
Fine Art photo €85 | Framed €150

40 x 50 cm (photo size 30 x 40)
Fine Art photo €125 | Framed €200

50 x 70 cm (photo size 40 x 60 cm)
Fine Art photo €200 | Framed €275

Portrait Box with Fine Art Matted Prints

Upea Portrait Box huippulaatuisilla Fine Art-valokuvilla on hieno tapa säilöä laadukkaat valokuvat! Alkaen 500 €

The Portrait Box includes:
Fine Art matted prints
Customized colors and materials
Photos can be collected from several different photoshoots
Photos are suitable for framing or displaying as they are
Photos are safely preserved in the box for decades
The Fine Art prints in the smaller Portrait Box are 8 x 10 inches
The Fine Art prints in the larger Portrait Box are 11 x 14 inches

Portrait Box with Mounted Prints

The Portrait Box elegantly stores and presents your mounted prints. The box comes with an acrylic stand.

The small Portrait Box's lid features your chosen photo or metallic debossing. The box contains 10 mounted prints in 13 x 18 cm.

The larger Portrait Box contains 10 pieces of 20 x 30 cm mounted photos.

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